thinking and doing for a rebalancing planet

It’s hard not to notice that the world is rebalancing. New hubs of dynamism are emerging as old ones struggle to reignite their engines. But for both old and new, the fragility of a rebalancing world demands a reappraisal of what making prosperity actually looks like. The old compact no longer fits the 21st century and our blunt tools won’t help to construct a new one. We need to build a new philosophy of prosperity that can help us flourish.

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Brazil and the case for muddle-through-ology: “What is the next episode in the economic story that comes after stability, commodities and consumption?”


The University of Correria

an entrepreneurship school in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, harnessing DIY culture and untapped talent to build enduring businesses and thriving local economies.

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howtofixtheworldhead cópia1027

If you could design a society from scratch, how would you design it? Welcome to the world of institutional innovation. How to Fix the World, created with economist Umair Haque, explores human centered institutional design and how we can refound the fundamental building blocks of prosperity.


Wikihouse:/ Rio is a collaborative project using local, open production to build quality homes and prosperous neighbourhoods. We are creating the means for communities to self build low cost, high spec customs made homes.

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Counting Brazil’s gross national happiness: “an overdue step towards constructing an enduring type of productivity better in tune with the demands of the 21st century.”