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6 steps to a beautiful city

1) A dense and polycentric city focusing communities around neibourhoods.

2) A city of overlapping activities that maximises contact and diversity and fosters a vital public life.

3) An equitbable city, self-governing and participatory.

4) An ecological city with a circular metabolism.

5) An open city.

6) A beautiful city.

“And the raw material of the new economy is citizens and their knowledge, creativity and initiative.”

Richard Rogers, Reith Lecture, 1995 (Cities for a Small Planet) <-you can listen to the whole set here.

Looking at these neat steps above, put together 16/17 years ago, you could say that most companies that act in our cities have gone out of their way in the last decade to do the complete opposite. And as a result, these days, it is citizens rather than companies, radical pioneers rather than morose monoliths that are leading the charge. In all sorts of realms, from access to digital tools to an ability to think as a human rather than as a corporation, it’s becoming easier and more practical to bypass the humdrum and coalesce around ideas and actions that can create a better, more prosperous existence.

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